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The Directors

The Dream Weavers
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Welcome to thedirectors, an community dedicated to the discussion of film directing. Please read the rules below.

This community created and maintained by tarantinolove.
Layout design by araceli_maura.

This community is open to anyone who is interested in discussing film and film directors. If you would like to join, join. Feel free to join in on, start, or just read discussions had within the community. No pressure here, kids.

Anything related to directing is allowed here. You are free to discuss any type of director and film whether recent old or upcoming. If you have icons you are more than welcome to share them here. However, there are some rules on this. Since this is a community about directors, your icons must in some way be relevant to a discussion of a particular director or be related to a particular director. We are very flexible on this because it's hard to make a rule based on what is allowed and what isn't. Basically use your own discresion. Don't just post icons for the sake of posting them; there are plenty of other communities for that. Wallpapers, banners and all other graphics will be allowed but again, to a certain degree. Please try to have them pertain to the director of the movie instead of just the movie itself.

ABSOLUTELY NO RUDENESS in this community. If you are being beiligerant or purposely irritating the other members, we will remove you. Just be polite and appreciate other people's views and opinions.

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If you would like to affiliate with us, let us know and we'll add you to the page.

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